The Great Sign

The inspiration for our logo is directly connected to Holiday Inn’s early logo design that emerged in their ‘era of expansion’ during the 1950’s -1970’s. Created by businessman and original Holiday Inn Founder Kemmons Wilson, the iconic roadside sign was not only a huge advertising success for the company but the sign became a symbol of safety and accommodation for the traveling middle class families on holiday. The eye-catching green and yellow sign stood over 50 ft. tall with interchangeable marque and bright large orange bulbs signaling people to the front office.  Holiday Inn offered a unique and safe hotel experience without breaking the bank, at a time where $6 could buy you a spacious room with air-conditioning, telephone, and access to the pool and restaurant areas.

By the early 1960’s Wilson and business partner Wallace Johnson began offering franchise rights and Holiday Inn quickly turned into a successful franchise chain and the ‘The Great Sign’ popped up across the country with over 100+ signs.

Sadly, the company did not carry on the iconic sign into today’s Holiday Inn advertising, but nonetheless the bold and masterful ‘Great Sign’ left an imprint on people’s mind and is the thing that got David Littwitz excited about Real Estate!

holiday inn 1963 pleasantfamilyshopping_resized.jpg